As You Like It Music


by Jeremy Zerbe

Wedding Dance

Hyman's Song

Touchstone's Workout

Wind (Reprise)



Still Music

Greenwood (Reprise)


Touchstone's Pancakes

Romance Moment

Court Sample


Music for the As You Like It Shakespeare production was composed to bring the forest of Arden to life in an online environment. Lyrics from Shakespeare’s script were set to music for the cast to sing, along with underscore, transitional elements, and diegetic music. Several big ideas informed the creation of the music. Firstly, biophilic composition evoked the forest of Arden through the use of layered cello extended technique recordings and electronic instruments and effects which imitate natural sound textures like birdsong. Secondly, musical sampling was used to create nostalgia and contrast between old and new art. Thirdly, Shakespeare’s lyrics were juxtaposed against images depicting pandemic themes like the inability to connect with other people, and the need to find escape into a creative space represented by the forest of Arden. The musical style enhanced themes present in the play with musical influence from 70s disco, mid 80s techno, 50s crooner jazz, contemporary classical music and extended techniques, and modern Electronic Dance Music. The result was a unique but consistent sound which created an atmosphere that was simultaneous natural and digital, while fulfilling the technical and aesthetic needs for each scene.


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